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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The New York Times reports today that Comcast is testing the ability to slow down the connections of certain heavy users. Part of their plan is to not tell the people they've blacklisted that they're on the blacklist. We've used Comcast's cable modem service for 11 years, and were among the first 50,000 households to do so.

Coincidentally, we received a flyer yesterday from Verizon telling us that FIOS is now available in our neighborhood.

Tempting, very tempting.


Posted at 9:52 PM


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Less of 2 evils indeed. It looks like FIOS is available in WA, but only in the richie-rich Eastside of King County. (Bellevue, Redmond, like that.)

I have the hate for Qwest, but since we don't have cable TV, Comcast is just way too expensive.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't left Tacoma; I would love to have the Click! network. Apparently, Tacoma is one of the few places in the country where Comcast has lowered their non-promotional prices. Because wow: competition from something that's not another eeeeviiiil megacorp.

Which reminds me...when I get my act together, I really do want to work on a public/nonprofit wifi network for Olympia. :)

Posted by Elaine at 10:59 AM, June 5, 2008 [Link]

FIOS is nice, but it is missing a few things. In particular, the TV is missing MSNBC, so if you need to watch Olbermann, you are out of luck. If you need to watch Matthews, you are in bigger trouble and should visit a neurologist. The internet speed is sweet.

Posted by Lilbro at 3:12 PM, June 5, 2008 [Link]

FIOS is great! My mom has it..

btw, Our FIOS has MSNBC.. FIOS is only missing MSNBC in northern NJ and NYC, at least according to wikipedia.

Posted by Ben at 5:54 AM, June 6, 2008 [Link]

The lack of MSNBC is a pain, especially in this upcoming election season. Oh well. We signed up for it tonight anyway. When I got home from work tonight, Laura told me that a Verizon guy had been at our door earlier trying to sell us FIOS, but that she told him to come back after I got home. It wasn't hard to convince me. They'll be ripping out our copper in early July.

Posted by ralph at 9:21 PM, June 6, 2008 [Link]


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