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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Our President

It's a new day.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silent Telephone

I'm home sick today. I've been home on previous election days mainly because I was working from home at the time. One thing I find interestingly different about this year is that I haven't received any phone calls from local or national Democrats to get me out to vote. In past years, by 3:30 pm, when I'm writing this, I would have gotten at least two or three recorded calls from my local Congressman (my Congressman is a rocket scientist!), from prominent Democrats, former Presidents, that sort of thing. This year, nothing.

I actually see this as an improvement. The Obama campaign probably has a pretty good idea that they can count on my vote, based on my contributions. And for the first time, when I went to vote I noticed poll watchers behind the poll workers who signed us in, marking down everyone who voted so they know who to call to prod to get to the polls. I don't remember seeing that in previous years.

Another thing that struck me about this year was that in previous years, my wife and I would receive a lot of literature from our local candidates addressed to each of us individually. She kept her maiden name, so previous campaigns presumably couldn't figure out that we were one family. This year, my Congressman the rocket scientist sent all his literature to both of us, addressed to "The Brandi and Lombardo family". Maybe it just took a rocket scientist to figure that out, but I hope that it means that the Democrats are campaigning smarter around the country and that Howard Dean's development of a national database for all Democrats to use is bearing fruit.

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I voted


Did you?

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