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Friday, June 6, 2008

Maybe she can find work after November as a doorman

So let me get this straight; John McCain has as one of his closest advisors and potential cabinet members Carly Fiorina?

This is the same Carly Fiorina who helped run Lucent into the ground. Then she went on to bigger and better things and screwed up Hewlett-Packard so badly that she was fired as their CEO. That Carly Fiorina?

Obama's going to win by a bigger landslide than I thought....


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Shows McCain's wonderful judgment, eh? He puts his faith in a clueless marketing droid that isn't even any good. She had no real strategic vision at HP when I worked there and couldn't really sell anything. Try looking up the "Adaptive Enterprise" and try and figure out what it is.

We all knew she wanted to get into politics. She took elocution and acting classes while CEO. She is really trying to raise her profile for a run of her own for something, in my view.

I will never forget the last corporate wide talk I saw her give where she was trying hard to spin a new type of paper and sleeves (skins) to wrap around your iPod as great innovations from HP. This is for a company filled with engineers that really had invented great technology once. No one bought her BS.

My friends that are left at HP really hated her and are convinced that Mark Hurd finally turned that company around. You can't lead if your workers dislike and distrust you.

Posted by lilbro at 8:27 AM, June 7, 2008 [Link]

By the way, with her monster sized golden parachute from HP, Carly never has to work again.

Posted by lilbro at 6:52 PM, June 7, 2008 [Link]


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