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Thursday, February 1, 2007

What I did on my holidays

I'm delighted to see this announcement from the Web Standards Project of their new working group, the International Liason Group. The ultimate objective of the group is to make the educational resources of WaSP about the benefits of using web standards to develop sites and the mechanics of doing so available in the languages of working professionals around the world.

I've been working on this for the past several months despite my unfortunate linguistic handicap of being monolingual (oh, the shame!). Still, I've been able to pitch in; I co-ran the initial task force leadership vote (with Michael Grosch of Germany), worked up an information architecture for the next version of the ILG site, and wrangled the Google Maps mashup on the page listing the task force members so that it's accessible and works (mostly) in all modern browsers and even some not-quite modern ones (and still functions acceptably in everything else, although without the benefit of the map; I hope to write up what I did to make that happen in the next few days). I think that the two leaders chosen in that leadership vote lo! these many months ago, Steph Troeth and Glenda Sims, have done a stellar job steering the group to this day, and I've really enjoyed working with them. WaSP tech maven and new co-group-lead Kimberly Blessing has also been a joy to work with. And major props to Molly Holzschlag, former group lead of WaSP, whose idea the group was in the first place and who got the ball rolling. It's been a real pleasure working on this, participating in the spirited discussions with a lot of like-minded developers from around the world. I have a lot of respect for the members of this group.

Now the fun (and hard work) starts....


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