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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New toy coming

I did something yesterday I haven't done in a very long time: I bought a new Apple product on the day it was announced. I finally broke down and ordered a new iPod. I think the last time I did that was April, 1994, when I bought a new Power Mac 7100 the day they came out. My old second-generation 20 Gigabyte iPod (a model which has the distinction of being physically the largest, heaviest iPod ever) has been feeling its age. I'm totally out of space on it. The battery doesn't last very long any more. I've been coveting one of the newer models for at least a year now, but held off because of finances and the idea that what was on offer at the time was not enough of a jump over my 20 GB. I almost jumped a couple of weeks ago when the 60 GB iPod video dropped to $365 at Amazon. But I felt there was something new just around the corner, so I held my fire. The 80 GB isn't that much of an advance over the 60 GB it replaces. The big difference is an extra 20 GB of space and a brighter screen (useful for me given how much music I have on my computer right now), useful for video, but I don't figure to use it for video very much. But the other difference was a $50 price drop, and between the improvements in space and screen and that price drop, I figured it was time.

Apple says I should have it by next Tuesday. I've got about 40 GB of music. That gives me a few days to rip away....

(I checked before buying, and Apple wasn't offering that offensive ABC program about 9/11 through the iTunes Music Store, so I felt free to buy. I hope they don't add it in the future; I would hate to make my next computer run Ubuntu Linux or something. I'm going to miss all that college football on ABC and ESPN. Guess I'll have to become a Notre Dame (NBC) or Southeastern Conference (CBS) fan, or listen to my Big Ten games on XM....)


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Nothing wrong with Ubuntu. I'm running it now on my new laptop PC. It works great! Much easier to get up and running than Gentoo or Slackware.

Are you really so idealogically pure that you will forego watching Penn State football? Hard to believe. Then again, I guess you have stuck by your anti-MLB stance steadfastly since 1994.

Posted by lilbro at 1:57 PM, September 14, 2006 [Link]

If Penn State is playing and they're showing the game on ABC or ESPN, yes, I'll forego watching. I'll either listen to the game on XM or I'll use one of my high-powered receivers in the back room to pick up one of the weak stations in eastern Pennsylvania that air Penn State football.

I hope the Democrats take at least one house of Congress, or I'll have to keep up this boycott until the 2008 elections....

Posted by ralph at 4:05 PM, September 14, 2006 [Link]


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