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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The joy of not letting the bastards grind you down

I'm pleased to see that the lockout of 5,500 workers by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which I mentioned here the other day, is pretty much over. The CBC and the union announced an agreement in the wee hours of Monday morning. And where did the very first news of the agreement surface, scooping every other medium? On a blog....

Looking over the details as discussed on the workerblogs, it seems like it's the union in a rout over management. Even the most abused category of workers, the so-called "casuals", made significant gains. It's hard to see a single aspect in which management made gains. The union put out a statement thanking the rank-and-file for the manner in which they put their case to the public, with blogs and podcasts and pirate radio, oh my!

I'm sure that study I suggested in my last post of the role of the blogs in the dispute is going to be coming any day now. I hope that someone ( is saving the workerblogs and podcasts for future reference.

Now I can start listening to the CBC Radio 3 podcast (I unsubscribed rather than listen to the robot-hosted scabcast) and Radio Canada International (who weren't locked out, but had to replace a lot of the programming they usually get from the domestic network during the lockout) again. And I'm really looking forward to the arrival of CBC Radio One and whatever they're going to call their new other channel on Sirius later this year.

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