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Monday, June 28, 2004

Profanity therapy

The cocksucking dickweed currently occupying the Vice President's seat in Washington has defended his use of profanity in dealing with someone he disagrees with. Dickwad Cheney, a cocksmoking motherfucker if ever I saw one, took it up the ass for telling the distinguished Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, to "go fuck himself". Cheney defends the stream of shit emanating from his potty mouth, saying that he "felt better after I had done it." This shithead is part of an administration that promised to change the fucking tone of discourse in Washington. It certainly has. People who at one time might have been able to converse civilly are now telling their opposite numbers to shut their fucking traps. It's a motherfucking disgrace what these hypocritical sons of bitches do. As far as I'm concerned, the asslicker can go fuck himself with a chain saw.

There. I feel much better now.

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My! We're not worried about being filtered in libraries, are we?

You should set Cheney to music. Has plenty of potential.

To be honest, though, I found Cheney's swearing to be refreshingly honest. Much more so than "Saddam has WMD".

Posted by Shelley at 12:36 AM, June 28, 2004 [Link]

Heh. I generally avoid the use of such words on this site. If I feel it's necessary, I'll substitute letters, for example, the Spanish opening exclamation point (ยก) in place of the letter "i". But with the Vice President providing us an example that such language is to be embraced, I figured that this particular post just wouldn't have the same impact without actually using the words in question. If it's good enough for the VP, it's good enough for me, and it should be good enough for libraries.

In one sense, Cheney's swearing is honest, but in another, it's the height of hypocrisy. This administration gets so much of its support from social conservatives, the kind of people for whom words and phrases like "jeepers!" and "oh my gosh" were coined. So for Cheney to use an unvarnished Anglo-Saxon expletive is something of a betrayal of his own supporters. An administration that tries to legislate morality is run by people who don't apply that morality to themselves. Not that this is a surprise, mind you, but it's a nice, open example of that hypocrisy in action. Or more to the point, it's just everything else they do that's hypocritical, and the cursing that's honest.

Posted by ralph at 11:21 AM, June 28, 2004 [Link]

Thanks for the great laugh!!! Although I support the current administration, I feel that Mr. Cheney was unprofessional in his comments. It's never appropriate for the Vice President of the United States to use profanity. Especially directed towards a United States Senator.

Posted by Randy at 6:38 PM, July 2, 2004 [Link]

I can understand the allure of a snarly fit of pique directed at someone who strongly resembles Santa Claus.

Posted by Barbarbra-ann at 2:37 PM, July 3, 2004 [Link]

We all feel much better. Thank you.

Posted by Heraldblog at 7:44 PM, July 14, 2004 [Link]


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