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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Jumping up and down

Andy Baio at has announced the winners of the Dave Winer Remix Contest that I mentioned last Saturday. Imagine my surprise to find that the winner of the grand prize was, er, me. I really didn't expect that. I thought maybe, just maybe the number of entries was small enough that I might sneak into third place or something. So I guess this is my Sally Field moment. I'm glad everyone liked the chorus so much. When I laid the vibes under the sample, I knew it just worked really well.

Incidentally, I did try to make another piece, using the "glass ball" sample from Dave's second missive as Jeneane Sessum was so eager to hear. But the audio quality of that one was badly affected by the rumble of the air conditioner in the background, and it was difficult to match the samples of the first audioblog to those of the second. The ambiance was just very different. Sadly, it just points out the truth of one of the first things I learned in my audio production classes lo! these many years ago: get the audio right the first time. Some things just can't be fixed in the mix. There is no such thing as an air conditioner filter (not in the audio realm, anyway; this was actually taught to us using the example of truck noise in the background of an interview, and that there was no such thing as a truck filter). I may still try to play with it a bit just for fun. We'll see.

Anyway, that was a very pleasant surprise. I look forward to hearing from Andy about the Gmail invites I've won.

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Serious congratulations on your newest claim to fame. Just add it to your list. Now what EXACTLY is your reward? can it be resold - or perhaps, regifted?

Posted by Mamacita at 8:59 AM, June 24, 2004 [Link]


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