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Friday, June 20, 2003

Morality Play

I don't write a whole lot about politics here, mainly because I don't feel I have anything particularly new or insightful to say. My positions and opinions are pretty predictable (ardent Clintonista with a four-year mad-on at the usurper currently living in the White House, leaning toward Dean for his ability to speak clearly and his fighting spirit, etc.), and you can generally read them elsewhere, and better written than I would. One particular writer who consistently impresses and astonishes me is Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo. His current screed about why it's important that the White House lied about weapons of mass destruction to drag us into war in Iraq just floors me. His conclusion is as clear and concise an explanation as I've seen:

Even if the consequences of going into Iraq turn out to be good -- and that seems to be an open question, though I think it was and to a degree remains possible -- it's wrong to have deceived the public to make the policy happen. It's wrong to have damaged the country's intelligence agencies. Let's not even get into the damage that was done to the country's standing in the world. It's also wrong for the political opposition not to say it was wrong, even if the short-term political consequences are uncertain or even damaging.

The Republicons always make hay out of being the party of morality. But their policies have been deeply immoral. They're wrong, just plain wrong. It's nice to see them getting called on it, finally. I just hope it has an effect and doesn't die away at the hands of a lapdog press like every other similar story.

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Yeah, right.

"If the U.S. intelligence agencies bent their data to damn Saddam Hussein, why is it that the French, German and Russian intelligence services all came to the same conclusion? Why is it that every country on the Security Council, including Syria, in the unanimous Resolution 1441, declared that Hussein had failed to account for the tons of chemical and biological agents he had in 1998? If he had destroyed them all by 2002, why did he not just say so, list where and when it happened, and save his regime?"

Posted by Kyle Alons at 1:35 PM, June 23, 2003 [Link]


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