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Friday, May 30, 2003

Radio me

As my reward for stumbling into a new job, I bought myself a new toy, and it arrived yesterday. MacWarehouse is unloading 20GB iPods for $200 off their original price, $299. I found that more compelling than the new models, which I don't like as much.

Anyway, last night I loaded the tiny box with a ton of music (didn't fill it, mind you, but I used about two-thirds of the space), and today I brought it to work. I thought it would be interesting mainly because I could have a sizeable chunk of my music collection with me and could therefore listen to whatever my whim desired. But what surprised me (and in retrospect, I wonder why) was that it was so much fun to use the shuffle command. I've never been a fan of shuffle, but that was only on our five-CD player; having 3000+ songs to choose from makes a significant difference. It was like listening to an unusually wide-ranging radio station (my tastes in music are, um, eclectic), except that when every song started, I would have that, "hey, I know that song" feeling, instead of just every once in a while. I wonder if perhaps you get used to that after a while, and then when you don't feel that way when you listen to radio it's disappointing. Guess I have plenty of time (and music) to find out....

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I've been doing that on various computers for a number of years now; "elaine's infinite radio" is my usual term for it. :)

Posted by Elaine at 12:51 AM, June 1, 2003 [Link]

Heh, I like that. Funny thing is, I've got megabytes and megabytes of music on my main computer, but I rarely listen to music (or radio) on the computer. I prefer to have purpose-built appliances for that. Maybe I'm just an old fart.

I'm working on putting together an MP3 box for the new stereo system downstairs. Maybe I'll listen to MP3s more that way. Or maybe I'll just drag the iPod with me everywhere.

Posted by ralph at 1:32 AM, June 2, 2003 [Link]


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