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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Digital killed the analog star

I'm sorry to see that Sony is finally killing the Betamax. I bought my first Betamax VCR in college, a used model from a video store. That was probably a mistake, as I had to repair it (myself) a couple of times, but it worked pretty well anyway. I replaced it with another model the last time it died around 1990, and that one is still going strong. I still use it occasionally, but the TV it's hooked up to is kind of flaky, and we watch so little television that it doesn't get as much use as it might otherwise. Maybe if its tuner could tune in ESPN on the cable I would use it to tape football games on weekends when I'm out. Beta was always a superior format to VHS. But VHS was good enough for most people, and Sony mismarketed Beta. I've had access to VHS VCRs for years now, either when I was living with my parents or now since Laura and I moved in together, but I didn't actually buy a VHS machine until Laura's died a couple of years ago. We took the opportunity to get a DVD player as well at the time, and I have to say, the DVD picture and sound is just so much better than either VHS or Beta. So I guess I'm not surprised that Beta is finally going. But I'm still a little sad. I've got dozens of tapes in the format, and I hope Sony keeps its word when it promises to continue servicing the decks.

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I bought an NEC Betamovie a few months ago, and have just purchased a Hi-Fi Betamax from a Fleamarket for 50 bucks. It may seem a little expensive, but i thought it was well worth it to see all those old commercials. The picture quality is better and sharper, as i've heard. It's from '84, and was 700 dollars new. It's too bad their killing it, but i suppose the newer ones are very expensive, so i'll stick with the used units. You can still buy tapes at Radio Shack too, but once you buy them, they stop stocking them.

Posted by Matt at 12:23 AM, November 29, 2002 [Link]

Hi, Does anybody know where I could find copies of football games recorded from the 70's or 80's? Beta or VHS it doesn't matter. Thanks

Posted by Richard at 10:48 PM, October 27, 2005 [Link]

ESPN Classic airs old football games all the time. If you've got cable or satellite TV, that would be the source.

Posted by ralph at 9:35 AM, October 28, 2005 [Link]


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